Learn More: Good Design, SOULFUL DESIGN gives you FREEDOM! Soulful design captures the essence of your brand. It expresses the soul DNA of your business. That expression of who you are as a business is accomplished with good design. Your (potential) clients know everything (or nothing) about you by interacting with your brand. Soulful design informs the user about the experience they are buying from you. And that gives you FREEDOM as an entrepreneur. For soulful design to communicate effectively, first it needs to be good! Good design includes many elements. It begins by working with a professionally trained designer with solid experience in her field. It includes although it's not limited to the following:
- Good design serves your vision.
- Good design aligns your vision with your heart.
- Good design conveys your values and intention.
- Good design simplifies the complex.
- Good design transforms multiple messages into easily digestible bits.
- Good design creates immediate branding with your products/services.
- Good design is clear, concise and readable.
- Good design communicates consistent well integrated information.
- Good design is readily accessible to others.
- Good design is easy to navigate in a book, training materials, multiple 
pages on a website, etc.
- Good design, when it’s good, there’s no need to call it good.
- Good design serves you well.

The value of good design in promoting yourself speaks volumes about the perception of your business, service, product and vision. Content, structure, emotional resonance and metaphor communicate positive, neutral or negative messages about your brand. Graphic Designers who excel creatively generally have a wealth of ideas that translate visually through the use of typography and other visual medium such as photography, illustration, color, etc. Designers think in terms of “The BIG Idea” or what is commonly known as a concept. It’s ideal to have the concept resonate emotionally to your intended or potential user. When it does, it affirms your intention, mission, values and business practices. Creating a consistent pulsating message that extends the arc of your print and web BRAND affirms this; however, when communication messages are not well planned, there is confusion, chaos and lack of credibility. Owning a computer does not make one a graphic designer. And those dot com companies claiming to design a poster by choosing a color from column A, a photo from column B and a font from column C, while they get it done, they do not deliver the soulful DNA of your BRAND. Designers study a rigorous four year program and graduate with a BA, BS, or BFA in communication design and may continue at the MFA and Ph.D level.
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