No problem can be solved from the same CONSCIOUSNESS that created itAlbert EinsteinSuccessful problem solving begins here. Journey through this website by clicking on each of the 12 images on the GRAPHIC DESIGN home page. You'll discover three types of content: 1) Learn More info on design principles for brand application; 2) Design/Photography Projects I've worked on for various clients; and 3) Learn More regarding some design skills I offer to you.
Each skill set / service I offer informs all others as part of a whole - holistic package; such as deep listening, observing and discerning. From here the appropriate problem solving skills best suited to your print and web needs are addressed. A partial list of my services include: problem solving and conceptual ideation for graphic design / branding; creative direction, design consulting, design coaching, social media, photography and more.​​​​​​​
What are you looking for? 
- Expert advice.
- New and improved branding materials. 
- A step-by-step process to implement an idea.
- Help with promotion and marketing. 
- A social media campaign. 
- A website.
- Design / Branding. Photography.
- Creative direction.
- Design consulting / coaching.
- A leader to facilitate your team into action.
Each client has unique needs. I understand that one size does not fit all. Your project receives impeccable care, suited to the nature of your business needs. Together, let's explore what best supports your visibility and growth. Let's build a soulful vision capable of meeting your timeframe, budget and overall needs.

Please contact me for an initial free consultation to learn how I can support you with powerful communication for your business, products and services.
On another note... if you're an artist, creative, a woman rebuilding your life, dis-ease happens. We're sensitive beings with sensitive bodies. Have you had a body breakdown, lost your joy, and grown distant from your relationship with creativity? LET'S TALK! It's time to find your way back home. More info coming soon!
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